Rick sings in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to touch hearts in a way that only he can. More than his unique and beautiful voice is the impression that he truly believes what he sings. God has blessed him and it is evident in how he blesses others. Keep the faith and press on.

M. Gaines

It was so good to see you and Lana. Thank you so much for the C.D. Carl and I love it. I had never heard those beautiful songs before and what a wonderful voice you have!

Mrs. Pat Prentice

Rick, I knew you had lots of talents but didn’t know you were a songwriter too. Love both of your songs. You are quite a showman also. I sent two of your CD’s to friends who I knew would appreciate them.

Carol O’Donnell

Trials and Tribulations, we all have them! This includes Rick. He ahs continued to keep his faith through some very trying times in his life. He provides a musical ministry that each and every one of us can relate to. When we open our hearts and minds, the Lord will touch and bless us. We must never give up on our hopes or our dreams. Rick will always be as inspiration, dear friend, and a true “lighthouse” in our lives.

The Keene’s

I have listened to your CD all day today and have truly been touched. What a witness for God you are through this CD. Your voice sounds familiar to me and I felt a peace as I listened to it. My family enjoyed it also.

Cynthia Eynon

Hey, I must tell you I LOVE your CD. I knew you could sing but oh my goodness, with background music and singers you tore it up. Good work. I am looking forward to your next one. Keep up the good talent that God has given you.

Jo Towe

Thank you for inviting me to share in your CD Party. Your message in music was a beautiful gift, plus the message on your post card about a “calling and a destiny” is one I will share with others.
Peggy Stockett

My friend took me to hear Rick sing at a local church concert. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Rick sang and brought real meaning and feeling to each song. His personal testimonies and awesome voice helped me worship and praise the Lord throughout the concert!

Sharon Luanne Hughes

I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed your visit and how great it was to hear you sing. I really thought your voice was awesome. I guess I just enjoy hearing someone sing in the Spirit. There is a difference when The Spirit isn’t in it.
We hope that each time you are in this area you will fell free to stop by our way and be prepared to sing again.

Mary Cannon