Bark, bark, bark!

Mom is laying down and dad is writing music so I snuck in to use the computer. Wow have we been busy since my last post.

I really got a chance to snarl and growl when we went to Middletown, OH. I missed a lot of sleep on the way and was not in the mood to be nice. I got put in my crate for that! Then we went to IL for the weekend and I sort of behaved.  In December we went to Rickman, TN and I was good for a change. I played with people after the concert but was in security mode, with my shirt that said I was SECURITY, for dad’s concert. I spent New Years  weekend in the Knoxville, area and took the covers away from dad when he was sleeping. He had a few concerts that I had to go to but oh did we play with my new Christmas toys when we were in the room. I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me have my new squeaky toys.

Christmas was fun – I got to bark and bark at all the delivery trucks in the neighborhood. I would see them and let all the other dogs in the neighborhood know to start barking.

Now we are at home. Randy and Wendi Pierce have been coming over to sing with dad. I think they are doing a concert soon. They have two Cocker Spaniels Molly and Elvis, but they can’t come over. Mom said I’m too bossy – what’s wrong with that? Dad said I just downright mean, and ??

I just had a birthday January 17. I am twelve years old now. Mom claims I am an old girl now, but me and dad know different. My old sitter Nick tried to play with me the other night and I wore him out. So bring it on!!!