I’m finally back! Daddy wouldn’t let me use the new computer last year but I have snuck back in the office and am trying out the new Apple. The keys are a little small for my paws but I will manage.

I went to Alabama, east Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana last year. I have another van and it is smaller than my favorite one but it has a good center console that my pillow fits on so I can ride between dad and mom.

I have a new T-shirt to wear when dad is singing. It is black with “SECURITY” written in bold yellow. You know I am a guard dog even if I only weigh 15 pounds. Dad said I should have grown up in a junk yard, what ever that means. I haven’t bitten anyone but I sure can bark loud!

I can’t wait until we start traveling next month. Oh, no, it’s the UPS guy – gotta go get him.

I see Rosie found the new computer. She and I will have to have a talk about this. She and Lana and I will start back on the road next month here in Tennessee and then onward. We were so busy the last few months that I took January off to let Lana and Rosie rest. I love what I do and am glad I can take my family with me.

I hope we see you soon.