Now that I have ran off the UPS man and barked at every living thing that has walked or drove by our house, I can finally sneak into the office and get to the computer. Dad hogs it. He says that he is booking dates on FaceBook but I think he is just gossiping.

We have been gone so much since January. We have been to churches here at home and east Tennessee twice, then off to Illinois where Dad sang and we visited with Mom’s relatives and I didn’t bite anyone. Then we were in west Tennessee and southern Alabama where I got to see my old friend Andy Coleman. He was so nice and I was so bad. I had missed my naps and was grouchy. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

My Dad sang the National Anthem for the opening of the Tennessee House of Representatives in March. I gave him a lot of  kisses and tail wags when I heard the video.

I have been helping Dad get the yard ready for summer. We have dug holes for flowers, tomatoes, and peppers and played in the mud. Oh, that was just me in the mud. I have also been chasing chipmunks and squirrels out of my yard. When we travel  they sneak in and I have to show them who is boss. Mom calls me “Bossy.” She even got me T-shirt that says, ‘I’m Bossy.”

We will soon be leaving for Georgia and West Virginia and a few places in between. Gotta go, the mail lady is here and I have to let her know I’m home.



I see Rosie has been back on the computer. She has been a little grumpy lately. She doesn’t like the van we have now and complains about it. She loved our first big old white van. Rosie is now 11 years old and should be slowing down but it running up and down the halls right now. That could be because I caught her on the computer.

Thank the good Lord that I have been getting bookings this year. The last few years I couldn’t do much because of Lana’s health but now she says she is ready to go. Rosie likes to ride on Lana’s shoulder so she can see where we are going and to watch my hands on the steering wheel. That fascinates her.

I can’t wait to go to West Virginia. I used to live in Charleston many years ago and Lana and Rosie have never been there. I’ll be singing and seeing old friends.

If you see us on the road, wave but don’t put your hand in the van – Rosie is protective even if she doesn’t like it.

We hope to see you soon!