Arf, arf, arf, it’s me again. Dad is outside so I can paw at the computer for a while. I started off today getting a bath – and I was just starting to smell good after rolling on the dead bird in the yard. It takes Mom and Dad to wash me. One washes and the other holds on to me. Then we went to the VET’S. Yes, it is that time again and I wish no one had remembered. I got weighed (I have lost a pound since last year so I guess all that running has paid off), got my blood taken with a sharp stick (I didn’t bite her though I thought that would be fair), my teeth are in good shape (they should be – I chew all the time), was told my heart is like an athlete (what is that?), and I am in great shape for my age.

Since I last managed to sneak my paws on the computer we have been in Georgia, Kentucky, several places in Tennessee. Since my sitter has grown up, I have been going to all of Dad’s concerts. I even got to see Marcie Gray when we went to the Smokey Mountains. I love to go to the mountains. There are new smells and streams to play in. The churches are good too. I get treats and petting if I am nice. We went last week to Alabama and are going to east Tennessee this weekend. Of course, I wear my black “SECURITY” t-shirt when Dad sings. I have to take care of Dad.

I like to travel lying on my pillow between Mom and Dad. It gets too lonely in the back and besides when I want to see out I just climb up Mom and lay across her shoulders.

I have to admit I enjoyed scaring a lady in Alabama who walked in the room I was in not knowing I was there. When she leaned down to see what was in the crate, I unloaded on her. BARK!, BARK!, SNAP!, SNAP!. It was fun for me.


Well, I see The Rose has been in the office again on the computer. I read what she wrote and found out we may not be asked back to a few places. I am going to have to have a human to canine meeting about attitude. Between you and I, that could go both ways.